The 2016 Music Connexions in Soběslav

The annual chamber music festival and courses will take place from 1 to 10 July 2016.

The south Bohemian town of Soběslav hosts the fourth annual festival of solo and chamber music, including a workshop, for approximately 30 young violinists, cellists, pianists, organists and vocalists. The entire picturesque south Bohemian town of Soběslav comes to life for this well-established musical event.

Chamber music festival

Increasingly popular with the public and always featuring an interesting line-up, this unique music festival has evolved from the original occasional accompanying programs at the summer music workshop and today includes concerts of both purely classical music and those that span musical genres.

Summer workshop of solo and chamber music

The music courses are intended for conservatory and university students, as well as for members of chamber ensembles, teachers at elementary schools of the arts and trained amateurs interested in further study. The average age of this year’s 28 applicants is 22. Instruction is provided in 5 disciplines by renowned Prague professional musicians and teachers.


What is the mission of the “Music Connexions in Soběslav”?

“The symposium – a festival with summer chamber music courses – is being held for the fourth year. In addition to courses for musicians, we also offer a cycle of concerts for the public. Participants mainly include conservatory students as well as outstanding amateurs and young orchestra members who would like to hone their skills. The symposium in Soběslav usually involves around thirty musicians plus instructors: Pavel Kudelásek leads the courses for violinists, Tomáš Víšek teaches pianists, Jan Steyer tends to organists, Tomáš Strašil instructs cellists and singers are taught by Zuzana Lazsloo. And we added viola courses for the first time - it's tought by Petr Holman.”

Who organises the Soběslav Music Symposium?

“Prague non-profit organization Setkání s hudbou (“The Music Connexions”), the main mission of which is arranging concerts and workshop, is the main organiser of the event in close cooperation with the Soběslav House of Culture and the Soběslav Elementary School of the Arts.
The town provides free use of the House of Culture and the deconsecrated chapel known today as the Gallery of St Mark.
We lease the Church of St Vitus from the Roman Catholic Church; organists can play the Baroque instrument there literally around the clock. The local elementary school of the arts headed by Irena Molíková is very accommodating in providing us space for lessons; the secondary trade school kindly offers the use of their dormitories for accommodations.
“A vital role in the creation of the association and the Soběslav festival was played by course instructors and well-known Prague musicians and teachers Tomáš Víšek, Tomáš Strašil, Jan Steyer and the festival’s artistic director Petr Hanzlík.”

Although admission to the Soběslav concerts is on a voluntary basis, someone still must cover the cost of the event.

“Great support for the event comes from the town of Soběslav and private sponsors, and we are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the Nadace Život umělce (Artist’s Life Foundation), Nadace Český hudební fond (Czech Music Fund Foundation) and OSA, an association of copyright holders.

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